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What are Loyalty Bucks?

  • Loyalty Bucks is the name of our rewards program's currency, Pure Joy Miles When you choose to cash out your miles, they turn into Loyalty Bucks.


  • There are a variety of ways to earn miles, such as making purchases, referring friends and family, and participating in promotional events.



How can I use Loyalty Bucks?

You can use your Loyalty Bucks to make purchases on our website or with our partner companies. You can also choose to donate your bucks to charity or exchange them for gift cards to popular retailers.


What is Pure Joy Miles?

Pure Joy Miles is a loyalty program that allows you to earn miles on your travel and insurance purchases, as well as bonuses for certain activities. You can then cash in these miles for e-gift cards to the store of your choice.


How can I earn Pure Joy Miles?

You earn Pure Joy Miles when you make travel and insurance purchases through our agency affiliated partners, participating in certain promotions, and referring friends to the agency.


How do I redeem my Pure Joy Miles?

You can redeem your Pure Joy Miles for e-gift cards to the store of your choice when you book qualified travel through our agency.


How can Pure Joy Miles help me save money on travel?

By earning Pure Joy miles on your air. Your insurance renewals, protection and travel purchases, you can save money on future trips by using your miles to purchase e-gift cards to the store of your choice. Additionally, you can earn bonuses for referring friends to the program and participating in promotions.

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Travel More, Earn More, Happy More

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